QR codes in the classroom

Ideas how to use QR codes in the classroom.

Evaluate a lesson with QR codes and Google Forms

Make a quick survey by placing a QR codes that links to a Google Forms by the door.

When the student leaves the classroom they scan the code and answers some quick questions. You can the se a summary in a Google Spreadsheet in Google Drive.

How to make a QR survey:

  • Open forms.google.com in a browser and create a new form.
  • Add the questions and options you need.
  • Press the Settings (cog wheel) button and uncheck boxes that requires authentication.
  • Press the Send button and switch to the Link options. Copy the link.
  • Open Cloud QR Generator and create a new QR code from URL source. Paste the link.
  • Print the QR code and place it by the door of the classroom.

Test it!

Scan the QR code to see it in action.

Exempel på QR-kod

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