QR codes without internet

Create private QR codes without publishing anything online.

Offline QR codes? Is that even possible?

Cloud QR Wifi turns your iPad or Mac into a local web server. When you create QR codes every file is stored locally on your device. You don't need any account and no information is published online.

Only other people on the same WiFi network as you can scan the QR codes. This makes it safe when creating QR codes containing personal details such as faces.

On the iPad you can even turn off the built in server and only allow the iPad that created the QR codes to scan them.

Create private QR codes that works offline

Offline QR Codes

Create QR codes from photos, audio recordings, slideshows, videos or document that works 100 % offline and don't publish anything to the internet.

Design your QR codes with different colors

Edit, Share, Print

Make colorful QR codes, give them meaningful names and share them with others.

Print many QR codes on a single sheet of paper

Smart printing

Print your QR codes in different sizes and layouts. Assign custom images to your printouts.

App requirements

For Cloud QR WiFi to work there are some requirements that needs to be met: