Cloud QR Privacy Policy

We aim to be really straightforward and honest. The only thing you need to share with us is an email address and a password used to create your account.

Your email is never shared with any third party, except for law enforcement in the case of criminal investigations.

Data related to your QR codes are not shared with third parties, but keep in mind that anyone who has access to the QR code or the link can access your data.

You must not upload files or content to Cloud QR that violates Swedish law.

You decide how long your content will be available online. When you delete a QR code or your account all related data is removed from our servers.

If your account is inactive for more than 6 months it will be deleted. You will be notified in time before this happens so that you can reactivate it before it's deleted.

Your Google or Microsoft account

If you decide to use Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive as your storage or if you create YouTube QR codes you will need to login with your Google account. Your credentials are not sent to Cloud QR servers or shared with anyone. It's only used locally on your device to remember your login.

QR codes stored in Google Drive or OneDrive uses your account so you have full control of the data. You can save it to another folder or delete it whenever you want, but please remember that the QR code will break if you move or delete the files.

For YouTube, your videos are uploaded to your YouTube account. They are marked as "Unlisted". You have full control over your content and can remove it whenever you like.

Please note that if you delete a QR code in Cloud QR linking to another service, the video will still remain on there.

Your data will only be used to display the QR codes.

You can sign out from your Google or Microsoft account by tapping the Account button in the app and choosing "Signout Google account" or "Signout Microsoft account".


If you have questions about your account, or the app, you can send an email to