Your Cloud QR Account

To use all features in Cloud QR you must create an account. You can create an account for free by submitting your email address and a password.

Your account is used to let you access your codes from multiple devices and make sure that only you can delete QR codes from your account.

Your email address and data related to your QR codes is never shared with any third party.

You can delete your account at any point. If you do, all data, including all your QR codes is deleted from Cloud QR's servers.


Images, audio clips, videos and documents are uploaded to Cloud QR's servers. The servers are located in Sweden. No data is shared with any third party, but everyone with access to the QR code or the link of the QR code may see the contents. You should always make sure you have permission to publish the material of your QR codes.

You can remove QR codes from the "My QR codes" tab within the app. When you do it cannot be scanned and it cannot be undone. A deleted QR code is removed completely from our servers.

Storage quotas

Your account has a limited amount if free storage. When your limit is reached you will get notified about this. You can free up space by deleting QR codes.


If you have questions about your account or the app you can send an email to